Restore Atlanta Construction, Inc. was born of a passion for renovation and home improvement. After the completion of their first remodel in 1994, the founders of Restore Atlanta had found their drive for a new venture. Local market area experts, they experienced a strong and steady growth rate in real estate sales production despite the market's various fluctuations over the years. With decades of experience in the Real Estate and Construction industries, they founded Restore Atlanta Construction, Inc. in 2013, offering their knowledgeable representation in residential markets, commercial markets, as well as new development markets covering all of the Atlanta area, Metro Atlanta, as well as Northeast GA mountain areas. 

Many of our homes are owned by the country’s leading investment companies, and are sold to eager first time buyers and growing families seeking to relocate to larger, updated homes. With our vast knowledge and that of our experienced brokerage firm, we are able to make the dream of home ownership come true for our clients everyday. We are ready to assist you and look forward to working with you!

Restore Atlanta Construction is an active, high quality renovation and remodeling firm with strong ties to the community. We specialize in restoring and remodeling older homes, returning them to their former glory and improving the community at large.

"Restore Atlanta Construction specializes in making your dreams of home ownership a reality. Our lasting relationships with lenders, attention to detail and commitment to our customers sets us apart from the competition." David Pace, Owner